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Social Lens Pro

Social Lens Pro

Wide Angle, Fisheye & Macro Lenses
  • High quality glass and metal professional product
  • Wide Angle Lens (x0.36): Take bigger brighter pictures, allowing you to capture 20% more in your shot. Great for cityscapes and large group photos and selfies.
  • Fisheye Lens: This lens will give you a wide angle perspective and beautiful barrel distortion. Move around and change your viewpoint to get the most out of the lens, the distortion will be most exaggerated at the edges of the frame.
  • Macro Lens: The macro lens allows you to focus your phone within 12-15 millimetres of what you are photographing so you can fill the frame with your subject and reveal amazing details. (Please note: The macro and wide-angle lenses are screwed together).
  • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung and many others.

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